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Our baby developed eczema when she was only a few months old. At first, we thought it was cradle cap, ( the doc did too) and we treated her for that. As it turns out, that made it worse.  We finally discovered it was indeed eczema, and spent months figuring out the triggers- citrus. Now mind you- this was not citrus SHE was eating, because at 3-4 months old she was exclusively breastfeeding.. no - it turns out it was my love for orange juice that was covering her poor little body with itchy red spots. I felt terrible at this, thinking how long she suffered before we figured this out.

 The itching is so hard with a baby, because you really have to keep them from scratching or it just gets worse, and raw and bloody! We kept her nails trimmed short because she would tear her self up itching. We even kept her in baby mittens for as long as she would leave them on, then we graduated to socks. They stayed on better...I feel so sad looking at her baby pictures, and she is covered in scratches, and wearing mittens!

Alas, we now know what it takes to prevent huge breakouts, and I eat accordingly. However, you would be suprised how citrus sneaks into food unknowingly... I have to be very vigilant about what I eat, or she pays the price. Luckily, the outbreaks are limited and we have steroid cream to attack the rashes before they get too bad. Usually one or two spot treatments clear up a breakout.  If it is a particularly light outbreak, we can tackle it with Babyganics Eczema cream. It keeps her moist and itch free from most minor citrus run ins...

I have done a lot of googling about eczema over the past year, trying to see if there is anything else we need to do or avoid. I have read that sometimes the kiddos grow out of it, and the eczema is just a baby thing. I have read that people also have it their whole lives, and it is a never ending battle. I certainly hope this is something she outgrows. Citrus is so healthy and tasty- and we have an orange tree!

One interesting site said that the use of acetaminophin increases the likelihood of eczema later in lifer, so we won't be using that on her. Ibuprofen works fine for her issues, and she tolerates it well. Something to consider if you have any eczema issues at home.

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