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Death Row Pets

A friend has been posting animals all over the country that are about to be put down by shelters etc. It seemed to me that there should be some info on my site somewhere to try to help a bit if I could. I urge you to take a look at some of these links, and see if any are in your area, or near someone you know is looking for a dog or cat to love.

So many of these pets had families that could not keep them. Some were abused. They are all looking to just live.

If you have a link to add, leave a comment and I will update the page. I will keep looking up links, and adding them. It would be awesome if you got to adopt a pet and left a comment too.

NYC area:  http://urgentpetsondeathrow.org/cats/

New Jersey   http://www.ehrdogs.org/
Washington state- Ginger's Pet Rescue, and they also have a list of all the shelters in WA

Houston, TX http://www.nokillhouston.org/

Van Nuys, CA  http://www.deathrowdogsrescue.com/

Topeka, KS  http://savingdeathrowdogs.com/

North Florida http://northfloridaanimalrescue.org/how-can-i-help/save-a-death-row-animal/

Nationwide database of shelters etc. http://www.adoptapet.com/index.html

All of my 3 dogs, and 6 cats (except 1) that I have had since being a "grown up" have been adopted from shelters. I have had young ones and some a bit older, and have loved them all. One of the cats I adopted as a tiny tiny barely weaned kitten didn't make it though the first night. He was sick. His litter mates died as well. At least he had a loving home for one night of his life. 

The 3 cats I had in Phoenix all lived to be between 16 and 19 years, my last one passing away last year. I was devastated. Have not gotten another one yet. I am not ready.

Here he is when he was just a baby cat. I miss him every day.