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Baby lead weaning

Baby lead weaning has been pretty awesome for us as a way to introduce our baby to solids. I never thought that keeping a baby on packages of pre-prepared foods, loaded with preservatives, was a good idea to have a baby thrive. So, she eats a lot of what I eat on a daily basis- meat, veggies, cheese, eggs..and the occasional sweet.

We do have some guilty pleasures- Gerbers biscuits, and some pureed fruits from time to time. I attempted to make home made purees, but she is just not a fan of anything that has been frozen. Its like she knows I went to a lot of trouble to prepare it, and outright refuses leftovers.. we are careful to get organic pouches, and lean towards mixes that have more iron, and vitamins than other mixes. We also need to stay clear of any citrus, as this aggravates her eczema.

More to come on this
Here is a great source of info- this particular link is on runny foods

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