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Friday, April 1, 2016

Earth Day Recycled Greeting Card Tutorial

Earth Day Recycled Greeting Card Tutorial

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I am not a big Earth Day supporter in general. You see, I do environmental and safety in my "real world job" so I find that I am helping the Earth daily.. so to have one day for everyone else seems unfair..

Alas, I wanted to share a new project and this day is a good day to do it;)



IMG_3987 IMG_3995IMG_3988 IMG_3994 IMG_4018IMG_4013  IMG_4019

The first thing I did was gather my cardstock for cutting. I tried to line up the card in an interesting way on the die cut. Why not take advantage of the great colors that were on this?

IMG_3990    IMG_3991 IMG_3992

I ended up cutting a few different ways, being careful to save as much space on teh cardstock as possible so I could get some extra cuts on it.

IMG_3993   IMG_3996

I used both die-cuts that I had. The color themes were matching up perfectly. I even had the option to use either side of the paper- as this was a gorgeous ad.


Next I started fiddling around with all the dies I had cut. It was hard to decide on just one set up. I ended up with a few extras that I can use for another project later.

IMG_4003 IMG_4004

I liked the colors, but felt I needed to do a little treatment to the flowers. Since this is a glossy cardstock, it does not absorb the distress paint very well, or much of anything really. But I worked with it. This is the fun!

I dabbed on the the brown distress paint and noticed it was beading up something awful. I then smudged it with a piece of stray felt I had on my sewing table.

IMG_4005  IMG_4007

I liked the effect! I decided to treat all the flowers in the same way.

Not absorbed distress stain
Smudged distress stain

I liked the way it looked.

IMG_4011 IMG_4012  IMG_4014 IMG_4015

After all the brown smudging and dabbing, I went back and did the blue and green. This gave it some depth that I thought was pretty appealing. I also added some spray glitter.

I have to say though, the spray glitter I have does not spray anymore. It clogged up almost as soon as I bought it. So I included a link for a different brand for you. I still can use this- but not as a spray!

I let everything dry, and then started to use my adhesive stamper to assemble the flowers on the card.


I kind of felt like it was lacking something. Even though I was really loving the depth on and colors on these flowers.


I could have added some stamping or other designs, but I wanted to keep it kind of simple. I was thinking about buttons, that really would have been great, but then I thought again.

I decided that BLING was the answer (isn't it always?)


I had some adhesive rhinestones left over from some other projects, so I added those.
Earth Day Recycled Greeting Card Tutorial

It is a simple kind of card, but entirely unique, and of course made from reclaimed materials in my house already.

I hope you have enjoyed my little Earth Day Recycled Greeting Card tutorial.

More are coming your way!

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