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Monday, March 28, 2016

Vimtag Camera for Pets Review

Vimtag Camera for Pets Review

I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I thought it might be a neato idea to try out a pet cam like the Vimtag Camera for Pets for my newly adopted lizards. I have 2 anoles that were rescues of a sort, from Florida.. they showed up in a Fedex package and I couldn't rightfully let them out in the Phoenix desert.. so, I have them in a nice tank in the living room. 

The problem we have, is that one is so elusive that we are not sure she is even alive half of the time. We thought the camera might be nice to try to capture this little lady and to see what they are up to when we are not around.

In came Vimtag Camera for Pets. I started out by reading comments on amazon to understand the operation ins and outs. No lie- it is helpful to know what to expect. 

To be honest, I did not install the camera. I read several reviews (not one or two) about people being hacked after installing the software for the camera. I read that the security is non existent for the installation. 

Having been hacked before, I decided NOT to risk this. I feel badly about accepting the camera, and I am considering returning it- unopened.

I did not contact the company- I also read that they had a a lot of service issues. It may be common with these types of cameras, but I am not that interested in any issues.

So- no good or bad feedback to report- just nervousness! 

Vimtag Camera for Pets is not for me at this time. Thanks!