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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Toddler Yoga Practice

Toddler Yoga Practice

(This is part of my flashback series.. from 5/6/15. Enjoy!)

So yeah, I am home with this little monkey. Yes, I stayed home with her for 2.5 years.. since birth. I knew everything about her back then.

Toddler yoga, not really yoga Toddler yoga, not really yoga

Then I got a job and she went to a fantastic daycare. She loved it. She ran all day with packs of polite children. She came home covered in dirt and boogers and happy. She sometimes went to sleep within an hour of coming home...sometimes within minutes.

She had a ball.

Now that I am home, wow. I have no way of keeping up that kind of pace for her. I do online work. I blog, I review, I contract work. At the moment I am playing catch up to get the money flowing again. I find it hard to get her moving enough.

I decided to add yoga to our routine, every day at the same time, and I set an alarm that we recognize.

Most days she does not do yoga. Most days she argues with me or tells me what she doesn't want to do as I break out in wicked down dogs, and inspiring poses where she comes and pokes a finger in my belly button, jiggles my belly or giggles at my "booboos" being uppy side down.

Sometimes she will try what I am doing. Today I asked her to fetch my yoga block from her room. She has been playing with it for months, but not really aware of how to use it.

I showed her. She immediately HAD to have it. I gave it up. She tried what I did, and decided it hurt.. and then invented her own moves... I was pretty amused.

I also got to finish a few more stretches.

The yoga is really the doorway to running though. We have laminate and the floor is slippery, but with 2 yoga mats down, she can run and run and run in circles for a half hour.

No problem... except it is to Thunderstruck..over and over and over.


I like AC/DC. Just not on repeat.... lol

Yoga. hmph.