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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

End of Year Blogger Wrap Up

End of Year Blogger Wrap Up

2015 has been a whirlwind year here at Itzybellababy.

We went from employment to unemployment to employment again. We went from having enough money to barely getting by within a few weeks of each other.

One thing has remained constant though, and that is the product reviews. I have been doing less of the blog reviews lately, as work demands, but I have been doing tons of Amazon reviews.

  • It occurs to me that I have enough vitamin supplements to last me about 5 years.
  • In spite of my constant reviews, I still burn through and lose phone chargers at a high rate.
  • I have reviewed MANY lunch bags, and rightfully so, as they keep disappearing from the house.
  • I have 400 pairs of socks ( ok, maybe not that many) but I still can never find a pair that matches.
  • I have placed over 300 orders on Amazon alone.. and some are not even for reviews. (HELLO PRIME!!) Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial (shameless plug, #sorrynotsorry)
  • I have enough wrinkle cream to straighten out a pack of sharpeis
  • I have cowbells, acupuncture suction devices, mosquito screens, aquarium toys and enough hangers for a closet full of clothes (and I needed them, thanks)
  • I have enough essential oils to open my own store (but I hoard them, and will not share!)
  • I have hoarded blogs this year (but I am downsizing as my contracts come up for renewal.)

Even my dog got in on the goodness.

I am looking back at all the great and not so great companies I have worked with and I am grateful to have been able to help my family out with a "non-traditional" income source when I was unemployed. 
Every time you click here, you help improve my visibility on search engines. 
Every time you click and buy through an affiliate link that I post, you help pay for my daughter's education, for my dog's food, for my house payment. 
You support a family that is working hard and trying to do well in this world. 
You hopefully are getting some good deals and saving money for your family, or winning a giveaway and supporting companies that pay for other's family's dreams.
Blogging and reviewing has been an incredible adventure. I have learned a lot, I have met some awesome people. 

I am grateful for all of you and what you have let us do. 

2016 is another year, and who knows what it will bring. 

Stay tuned and thank you!