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Sunday, November 29, 2015

500 Piece Bag of Building Bricks by Click n' Play

We love to play with Legos in our house, but I find the prices very high to have as many Legos as I remember having as a kid. I had tons!

I was pleased to get selected to review the   500 Piece Bag of Building Bricks by Click n' Play

I have tried some Lego alternatives before, and I have to admit I was very disappointed in them. I had high hopes for these bricks, and was not disappointed.

What are the details on the   500 Piece Bag of Building Bricks by Click n' Play?

500 pieces
Guaranteed compatible with Lego
10 assorted colors
14 different shapes

*These bricks are not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Lego, a registered trademark of Lego Systems.

What was our experience with these blocks?

We were very pleased! The issue I had experienced with other "generic" brands was with the long flat bricks. They were bending up on other brands.. by themselves and with actual Legos.

THIS BRAND was perfect. No bending. No pulling away. They were completely undetectable from actual Legos other than the logo.

I had a large square base set from another brand, so we tried the set with them and that was no issue. All the bricks worked together very well. 

The 500 Piece Bag of Building Bricks by Click n' Play is a perfect lower budget alternative to high priced Legos. At $19 you cannot get even used Legos on the internet in a pack of 500.

I am completely satisfied!

Thanks for letting us review them.
(now I have these all over the living room...lol)