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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Non Convertible Baby Car Seats


Non Convertible Baby Car Seats

Car seat safety has got to be hands down the most important safety item that you can purchase for your baby. Children that are not strapped into a properly installed car seat are very likely to be injured in even the tiniest motor vehicle incidents.

You want to make sure that you do your research for your vehicle and your baby to make the best selection, however, there are some common models on the market that are preferred for safety by several prominent groups and blogs.

I have compiled a widget with 5 of the commonly overlapping car seats for your perusal.

We purchased a baby car seat for my daughter when she was born, mainly because it came with a stroller that we were fond of. In retrospect, it was not the best car seat we could have selected for her at the time. We did however chose more carefully for our convertible seats, and I am very pleased with our selections. (chalk this up to hormones I suppose.)
We could have easily installed the convertible from day one if we wanted to, but I think you will find, like we did, that with an infant, having a baby car seat that can be removed from the car is about as handy as it gets. She never slept much, except in that car seat, so I was happy to have it- taking her in and out of the house was extremely convenient, and of course it clicked right into the stroller too.

Car seats have minimum basic requirements for infant protection, but of course, the minimum was never what anyone actually wants! One might naturally also think that the most expensive models are better- and this is not always the case, as you can see from the list that is in the widget.

Yes- the more expensive models can be superior, but it is not a hard rule.



Check out the compilation here!