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Thursday, September 24, 2015

FSL Decimate Ear Protection Review

FSL Decimate Ear Protection

I have been kind of out of the blog loop lately, but when I got approved to review the FSL Decimate Ear Protection product I could not say no.

You see, I am a safety and environmental professional by day, and I make a job of suggesting and assessing things that protect my coworkers.. including hearing protection.

Of all the things we have, hearing is one you can't really get back, and it is so easy to prevent hearing loss.

The  FSL Decimate Ear Protection is a comfy choice!

The first thing I always check out are the specs- I like to get the highest protection that is comfy.  

Product Specifications
Noise Reduction Rate (NNR): 34dB
Conforms to ANSI/ ISEA S12.42:2010 (S3.19), American National Standard
Includes hassle-free 3 year warranty

These specs are really good compared to what I normally see in safety magazines. The noise reduction rate I have most commonly seen is 28-30.. so 34 is great!

These are soft, adjustable and look like they will hold up to some amount of abuse.

Where will I wear them? Hockey games, maybe shooting practice, air shows and maybe even to workplace environments. 

I am completely happy with this brand, as I have seen their other products and they are good quality too.

Thanks so much for adding to my safety collection at home:)