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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Think Fun Maker Studio: Gears Set Review

Think Fun Maker Studio Gears Review

If you haven't noticed, the reviews have slowed down a bit at Itzybellababy, but we can never pass up a fun time from Think Fun. Today, we are trying out their Think Fun Maker Studio: Gears Set.

Nothing is more awesome to me than some family time in the living room using our brains and hands and making something awesome. This set gives us the perfect set up!

The man of the house got the water bottle for the body of the project, and read the instructions to put it all together.

He laid out all the parts with the admiring toddler. Of course she is too young to do the instructions to make the official designs, but it did not stop her from making her own "ship."

The set has parts and instructions for a racecar, a cable car, a 3-wheeler and a motorcycle. The little car he made had parts for the toddler to play along.

The man of the house had everything assembled pretty quickly for this project. I think he was really excited about this one and was anxious to play with his car.

He got it going and was showing the toddler how it worked. It took her a few attempts to make it go, but once she understood how the gears worked, she was launching it all over the living room.

I think when she gets older, she is going to make creations like this on her own and love it.. for now- it is an engaging lego like set for her.. she makes her own things and watches daddah.

Overall, the Think Fun Maker Studio: Gears Set is a great little brain builder from Think Fun- we love it!

Thanks so much for letting us review it!