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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Firefly Glass Spray Bottles

Firefly Glass Spray Bottles

 If you have been on my blog much, you know we review tons of essential oils. One way we like to use them is in sprays. But all my spray bottles were small and plastic, and over time, my oils ate them up.

I was pleased to get approved to review the Firefly Glass Spray Bottles.

There are 2 nice sized amber glass bottles in the box I received. I love the labels I was provided. Other packages have labels but they are one time use really- and what if I change my mind about what to put inside the bottles?

Now I can erase and re-write.

These are 16 ounce bottles, and there is no BPA. Glass does not break down with even the strongest oils and cleaners, so glass is the way to go for us.

We made a lemon cleaner with essential oils for the kitchen. Peppermint in the bathroom. We can refill as needed and change it up whenever we get tired of the product. 

I also have some sleepy sprays that will be awesome for these bottles later.

Amber glass keeps the oils from being in the sun and breaking down much. But I can still see what is inside and when the bottles need a little shake to remix.

The sprays were sturdy and have held up to my abuse so far.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Firefly Glass Spray Bottles. Thanks!