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Sunday, August 23, 2015

EYLO Multifunction Safety Hammer

EYLO Multifunction Safety Hammer

I was just recently talking to someone about how difficult it is these days to get my toddler out of her carseat. In an emergency I said, it would be almost impossible to do fast.

He suggested I pick up a tool just like the EYLO, so I applied to review one, and got approved!


What does the EYLO do?

  1. LED Flashlight
  2. Seat Belt Cutter
  3. Window Breaker Hammer
  4. USB Port for Charging Mobile Devices
  5. Emergency Flashers
  6. Hand Cranking Charging System

Belt cutter

Flashlight button

Hand crank
USB connection

Flashing red light for emergencies

I was really excited to try the EYLO out. I got the lights charged up by spinning the hand crank. It took a bit of work, but I didn't charge it with the USB first, so I probably could have saved myself some trouble.. but it did give me a few seconds of light off the bat, so I think that is enough for emergency purposes. The blinking red light did stay on longer.

I love that the end is magnetic- so you can put it on your car body during an issue. Or really just in case you need it stationary.

The hammer is pretty simple - a metal piece that is going to crack any window in a pinch. It has a little plastic cover, but since this is going in a hot Phoenix car, I suspect that won't last for us. Not really a big deal though.

The USB charger was convenient and worked to give temporary power to a device. I will have it in the car as I noted, so I am not sure I will be diligent about keeping it charged.. but I suppose I should!
I have the cable to do so- same as my phone charger.

The seat belt cutter is the real bonus here though. I love the little enclosed blade. It is going to make slicing a belt easy, even in an emergency situation. 

I am a little torn on the nice bag that is comes with. On one hand, it is an awesome little bag to have to protect the EYLO. On the other hand, it will slow me down if I need it fast. So I am not sure how I will store it yet. It IS a nice feature though. If you don't have a car seat, the cover is probably not as much of a big deal for you.

Overall, I feel a lot more prepared having the EYLO in my car. I am embarrassed I didn't have one sooner!!!