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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dog Training Collar by CUJO CONTROL

Dog Training Collar by CUJO CONTROL

We have a pretty compliant dog. But we have had an issue with her barking at the neighbor's dog barking lately, and I wondered what might be done.

The Dog Training Collar by CUJO CONTROL seemed like a good idea to us. Especially with the remote control. We figured she could be brought to attention when in the yard, without seeing us.

The first thing we did was charge the system. We then decided to try it out on the man of the house. There is no way I will use something like this on my dog before trying it myself. 

We were amazed and dismayed at how strong the shock setting was. There was no way we were going to use this on our dog for shocking. No. It zapped the man of the house something fierce. Even after reading the instructions, we were no confident that we had the lowest setting and it had to be reset each time.

We did decide to try the vibrating function on the dog. We hooked her up and set her off and running. When she tried to eat something off of the toddler's lunch plate, I gave her a vibration. She stopped and looked around, and then proceeded to eating again. Vibrated longer.. and she kept flipping her head back like a bug was on her. 

After a few times, with verbal commands, she did stop the behavior. She normally would stop that way though. 

I had to reset the strength on the remote every time, and it shut off often, I assume to conserve charge. It is kind of a pain, and each time I was terrified I might accidentally shock her.

I feel a little disappointed, but I really wasn't sure what to expect.

I suppose if there are dogs that are resistant to training that this might be a tool to use, but I would not suggest it to anyone to be honest, with that shock portion. There are so many great training techniques out there, that anything like this should be a last resort, if at all.

Dog Training Collar by CUJO CONTROL