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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zitrades 200 led solar string Multi color Light Review

Zitrades 200led solar string Multi color Light Review

I was really excited when I was asked to review the Zitrades 200led solar string Multi color light set. I have unlimited sun here in Phoenix, and solar is really the way to go here. But I have had so many disappointments with solar products, with very few exceptions.

The Zitrades 200led solar string Multi color light set is one of the disappointments. 

The lights charged up great the first few nights. I set them up to charge by day and got a long period of lights for night time. I kept them on a bench in the living room where the sun is all day long. They were in a plastic bucket, just for convenience. 

The lights are LED and were very bright. There is a mode button on the back and you can have a number of settings- all on, blinking and a few other variations.. it was like an awesome set of Christmas lights.

One day, the lights were moved. Not in a rough manner. Just picked up and moved. 

The lights flickered. They did a weird thing, and haven't really worked since.

I contacted the contact for reviews, and after 3 attempts I was not getting an answer about what to do besides send them videos of the lights and their malfunction. I did send the video a few times.

Basically, I hate to give a product a bad review, but in all honesty, after reading several other bad reviews, I have to conclude that there may be an issue with the quality on this product.

I suspect that the issue is in the control mechanism, and I am betting that they can get it fixed...if so I would be happy to try this again and re-review.

For now- this is not a product I will suggest. Sorry! Solar really has a lot of potential, but it has to be hardy!