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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tools4Wisdom Planner with Calendar Review

Tools4Wisdom Planner with Calendar Review

Between all of my 6 blogs and other social obligations, I am a lady who needs a planner.. and not just any planner, but one with lots of room for thoughts and ideas. I am pretty out of control and the Tools4Wisdom Planner with Calendar has really been great for me.

What is this all about?

TheTools4Wisdom Planner with Calendar has pages of planning guides and calendars that will help keep you on track for your goals.

The tools they give you are really how-tos of keeping your ideas organized and forming them into action plans to achieve goals. When I first started blogging, I really had no idea what my goals even were. With a planner like this, you can visualize so many different aspects of your life and get them under control.

They don't just leave you hanging. They walk you through the planning process. Taking into consideration all aspects of your life that need wrangling.

The planner I received was May- June 2016 and was great for me! It is NO small thing though, it is a thick guide. But this is really the book of your life for a year, so should it really be a 12 page story? 

Mine sure isn't!

I love how there is a monthly view AND a daily view. I find it valuable to see the whole month and then have room to write in the more tedious daily activity in the longer pages.

I was also impressed that the company is taking an active interest in bloggers- asking for feedback on ways to improve their planners to meet our unique needs. 

For me- I love the way it is. It has allowed me to document my stats and where I want my stats to be. I am able to track my goals over the year, and keep everything in focus. It takes a little time to get set up but if you are doing anything you want to excel at, you NEED planning time to succeed, and that is part of your process. 

Overall, this is a fantastic organizing system that adds a lot of value to me. I am excited that I am able to review this second planner and look forward to another great year of organization!