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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Radha Frankincense Essential Oil Review

Radha Frankincense Essential Oil Review

I was happy to get approved to review the Radha Frankincense Essential Oil. I had a bottle of frankincense from way back and it was just about gone, and it was time for a replacement.

I mentioned to a friend that I was reviewing frankincense, and he thought it wasn't really a thing anymore.. silly guy! I will be making sure he gets s sniff of this next time I see him!

What do you use Radha Frankincense Essential Oil for?

  • massage
  • relaxation
  • soothing
  • for aches and pains
  • anti-aging properties
  • mood uplifting
  • heightening awareness

What was my experience with the Radha Frankincense Essential Oil?

Well, I love that they include a dropper and a lid in their oils. I really hate trying to do a drop at a time without a dropper-- makes it so hard to get the right amount. I also don't like having my droppers break down and leaving me with no lid! This is the best of both worlds.

It is steam distilled so you don't get anything nasty in it.

If you have never smelled frankincense before, it is kind of interesting. It is a little musky and has so many layers- lemony, earthy.. and sweet. I don't really use it straight up, but rather in a few recipes I have found online for soothing relaxing blends. 

The Radha Frankincense Essential Oil is a nice representation of the oil. It has all the right notes, and seems to be a good quality oil. I will be mixing with lavender and putting it in an inhaler for around the house.. just to keep everyone chilled out. You can never keep a toddler too chilled out in the afternoon!

Overall, I found the Radha Frankincense Essential Oil to be a great oil and I look forward to working with it a lot in the future.

Thanks so much for letting me review it!