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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Maverick Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer

Maverick Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer

When I got approved to review the Maverick Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer I was pretty excited. We do a lot of grilling in our house, and a good thermometer gets the man of the house anxious to explore new meat adventures.. lol. It was really cool that the thermometer comes with a set of meat claws as well.

What are the specs on this device?

  • Palm-Sized Thermometer 
  • Accurately Measures Temperatures Between 4°F - 392°F --- 
  • You need to load "Redichek ET11" to your phone (free)
  • Quick Temperature Reading
  • Flexible 59-Inch Water-Resistant Stainless Steel Probe Wire 
  • Powerful iOS/Android App Calculates Cook Duration & Displays a Real-Time Chart
According to the listing on Amazon, the thermometer works with following devices:
IPhone 4
IPhone 4S
IPhone 5
IPhone 5C
IPhone 5S
IPhone 6
IPhone 6 Plus
iPad 3rd generation
iPad 4th generation
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad mini
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 3
Android Smartphones
Nexus 6
Nexus 7
Samsung A3
Samsung Note 2
Samsung Note 3
Samsung Note 4
Samsung S2
Samsung S5
Samsung S6
Samsung Tab 2
Sony Xperia Z3
Kindle Fire HD 7"
HTC Butterfly 2
Red Mi 1S

We have 2 of these devices in our house and the software was indeed compatible.

What was my experience with the meat claws? 

Love them- they are great for pulled pork, for separating meat for burritos and sandwiches. It is much handier than using a couple of forks- certainly more ergonomic!

What was my experience with the Maverick Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer?

My brain somehow saw the listing and thought it was wireless. It DOES say direct connect.. it DOES have wires.. so my brain is clearly non functional.

As I gave it to man of the house, he also was confused. He thought it had bluetooth.. certainly none of this is the manufacturer's fault. But I suppose I don't entirely understand why the connection to the phone if it isn't wireless. 

So, you can't actually see the temperature of the meat unless you use your phone. 

I was able to download the software easily. We got the thermometer out of the package- unfurling it's very long cable and we were ready to grill.

We had to put the battery in- which was included. It is one of those CR20323v types. It may be inconvenient if you don't have these around- but we have quite a few as they are the kinds used in tealights.. lol

We plugged in the thermometer and waited a few seconds to get it rolling.

The man of the house was frustrated. He wasn't sure if it was working- there was no light or indicator to show the device was functional.

He waited. Nothing. 

He restarted the program. I had downloaded the wrong software.

Starting again. (I had selected the wrong thing)

The thermometer takes a few seconds to read. There are some wizzbang things you can do with the software- there is a history segment. You can choose a cooking time or temperature and there is a time remaining function.

There are some advanced features over your regular plug in thermometer. I like that you don't have to open the grill or oven for checking the temp. The man of the house loves new gadgety things so he likes it.. lol

For me- I don't like having to use my phone to use it. That may not concern you though. It is a very serviceable device, and he is going to be enjoying it for a long time!

Thanks for letting us try the Maverick Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer!