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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gecko Active Picnic Blanket Review

Gecko Active Picnic Blanket Review

I was very excited to get approved to review the Gecko Active Picnic Blanket. We do some picnic-ing and park visiting quite often over the year and we always can use a nice blanket to put down.

The Gecko Active Picnic Blanket is the lightest and most compact variety I have seen- and we love it!

What makes it awesome?
  • 100% Parasheet Nylon
  • lightweight 
  • literally dries in minutes
  • sand shakes off it with ease
  • 7 by 6.5 feet beach sheet (room for two people)
  • portable and lightweight 
  • packs into a small 6 by 8 inch pouch. 
  • 'snap-together technology' allows 2 (or more) beach blankets to be easily fastened together 
  • Corner sand pockets hold it securely in place
  • Premium Parachute nylon stays cool to the touch
  • full 1-year replacement warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The first time we used it, we played a little game in the living room- we used it like a parachute and brought it up and down for my daughter to play with.. ohhh the squealing and joy she had! We have always wanted one of those parachutes..this one serves double duty.

For a picnic blanket, it works great for me and the toddler.. it would be kind of a close one to have dad in there too- but all we need to do is hook up another so he can be comfy as well.

I love the lightness of this blanket. We have some other picnic blankets but they are thick and bulky and a pain to carry with a bunch of other stuff.. but this one clips right onto a backpack and we are ready to roll!

Overall I am loving this blanket- thanks so much for letting us try it out!