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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cell Phone Case Purse Review

Cell Phone Case Purse Review

I have a giant cell phone with a giant cover and sometimes I just want to take a chapstick and phone and credit card somewhere without carrying a 12 pound purse. When I got approved for this Cell Phone Case Purse it was like they were reading my mind.. save me!

The bag is compact and lightweight, unlike my big monster bag. It can be used as a wristlet or messenger bag style, cross the body.. whichever strikes you. The purse is padded enough to keep your phone safe. Even though I have a huge otter box on my phone, I still baby it! This helps me with that.

It comes in a few colors, but for me simple black is the easy go to. When I dress up it is more often than not black- so why not go for it! Most of my dress shoes are black as well... I am boring I guess.

The purse did have a kind of plastic smell when I got it, but I put it in the garage for a few days and that really took the smell down. I find that pretty common in plastic/vinyl type items. The sun beats down on my garage all day, and it is the perfect way to bake that out... lol

Overall, I found this to be an easy bag to have in my collection- it is not the fanciest and highest quality bag I have owned, but it is a fun little purse for going out and having fun.

I like it!