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Monday, June 1, 2015

Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker Review

Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker Review

We do family music night at our house, so we were very excited to get approved to review the Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker .

What is awesome about the Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker ?

  • great for all ages
  • awesome gift
  • smooth mellow sound
  • each one is unique
  • made for any hand size
  • not a choking hazard
  • indestructible
  • virtually unbreakable
  • non-toxic finish
  • certifications: EN71 part 1/2/3, ASTM F963, CE
  • lifetime guarantee

 What was our experience with the Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker ?

Well the toddler lost her mind when the package arrived. She was sitting next to me when I ordered it and we had talked about it quite a bit before it arrived.

She has played with different egg shakers at the local museum and we have wanted one for our family music box. I just had not gotten around to buying one that was wooden.

The finish is smooth and pleasing to the touch. Frankly I love getting her real instruments- wood, things of beauty that will last. Plastic just is so cheap looking to me. But the wood looks timeless.

As promised, the sound is also very mellow. It has a smooth and non- sharp sound. You can really listen to this for awhile and not poke your eyes out. 

She likes to experiment to see the kinds of sounds it makes by handling it in a different manner. When we play together we laugh and she learns to love and make music herself!

Family music time has definitely been enhanced by having the Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker  in our kit!

Thanks so much for letting us review this great product.