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Friday, June 26, 2015

Uplifting Balloons 500 Water Balloons Review

500 Water Balloons Review

We have never had a water balloon fight with the toddler, so it seemed a great idea to get approved to review the Uplifting Balloons 500 Water Balloons product.

First off- this is huge amount of water balloons. There are a variety of colors:

blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink and purple

Unlike a lot of the balloons we were looking at in the store, these can be pre-filled the night before and hold their size and don't pop. We got them set up about an hour before, but we didn't plan!

They are easy to fill since they are sturdy, and they are as big as 6" when filled.  We did a lot of them smaller. 

I was a little concerned that the sun would weaken them after sitting out in our blistering hot mailbox all day, but it did not seem to be an issue. (it has been over 110 for 2 weeks.)

We took these to a party and used a water balloon pump to fill them up. When you have 500 balloons you feel like you may go insane before you get even through a fragment of that, but it was totally worth the effort. 

The man of the house and I worked out a system. He was pumping them up and tying them off, and then I would put the new balloon on the pump. It worked great. He was throwing them into the laundry basket right below the counter and he only broke one like that. It was pretty amazing really.

The party was a dinner party and it was running late, so we ended up pumping up a laundry basket full of balloons and then going to dinner. So they sat and waited a few hours for us. No problem there.. the issue we had- it had gotten dark, and the back light was burnt out.. BUMMER!

We got no pictures of our epic water balloon fight. We had 2 toddlers, 3 adults and 2 tweens throwing balloons like there was no tomorrow. It was SO much fun. In the dark even.. 

We gave our daughter a pair of safety glasses to wear so she wouldn't get water in her eyes, and she went nuts lobbing those things around. They broke nicely and no one was sad to be hit. I seem to recall water balloons in the old days being painful.. These were not.. just fun.

Overall- loved these balloons. Next time we do a water fight we are doing it in the daytime and BEFORE dinner. 

Thanks so much for letting us try these!