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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Wind Leverager Kite from Get Childish Review

The Wind Leverager Kite from Get Childish Review

I have always loved flying kites, so I was super happy to get approved to review The Wind Leverager Kite from Get Childish .

First off- what is awesome about this kite?

  • Performs in 5-20 mph wind
  • It is 180 x 90 cm‏
  • Comes with a handy carrying case
  • Comes with string

I really love to fly kites, but I have to say that we do not get a lot of days where we can actually fly them. I have a few kites that I have collected over the years, but I rarely get to fly them which makes me sad!

The toddler went nuts when this came in the mail. It just looks so cool.

I was really impressed with the kite I was sent. It is a sturdy design, easy to get set up and out. I love love love the carrying case. I cannot tell you how awful my old kites are looking because I don't have a proper way to store them. The Phoenix heat eats stuff in the garage if it isn't stored well. 

This case will really protect it.

I love the colors and style. The colors are bright and they just really pop.

You get everything you need in this set to just pop out and fly- no looking about for string and such when the wind gets a notion to blow in a useful manner.

The bad news- we are in June. And in June in Phoenix, wind that blows is not really kite flying weather. More like dust storm weather. So I have not had a chance to get this puppy out to put it to the test. I looked at it, I poked at it, but I couldn't fly it. ( There was a monsoon last night that MIGHT have been ok but I would have been blinded with dust...ugh.)

So my thoughts are that this kite is going to be pure awesome on the next windy day. I am giving it a thumbs up on the review because the construction and design are going to be fantastic.

Thanks so much for letting us review The Wind Leverager Kite from Get Childish. I WILL be testing it out the next chance I get, and will report back:)