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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Skin Regime: Great Skin Peel and Book Review and Giveaway

I was very pleased to get approved to review the The Skin Regime: Great Skin Peel and Book. I have been struggling with my skin since my daughter was born...and I thought maybe this would help!

Ok, I will admit it- I have old lady skin. It is kind of uneven, rough and it has weird habits. I have a dark spot from too much sun exposure when I was younger.. 

Half of the month my skin is oily and it breaks out. The other half, it is dry and easily irritated. I am now having fun with splotchiness too. It kind of makes you a little crazy!

So what is the The Skin Regime: Great Skin Peel and Book about?

Well, the author and maker Dana Ramos has a passion for great skin. The book is a pretty quick read. She goes through the reasons that a lot of people waste money chasing fancy products that do nothing but waste money and at best, irritate skin. 

She describes a simple and clean cut path to inexpensive skin care that will make you pretty happy with the results. Of course, she is selling a product, but most of the book is telling you not to buy the hype of most skincare lines. It is kind of refreshing!

She is not advocating doing nothing of course.

The Peel

So the peel I was sent is a small size of the bigger products that are sold by the company. There is plenty in the bottle to treat my skin for quite some time, so I imagine that the full size is a great deal. I only really needed to do one layer peels for my skin. The nature of my skin half the month is too grumpy for more. And realistically, I am getting decent results from one layer anyway!

I was conservative the first couple times I used it- leaving it on for less time than suggested. They were grumpy weeks. I had no side effects and upped the time after that. I only actually saw peeling one week and that was ok. I had the good effects from the first usage.. I don't need to see my face peeling off to see an improvement!

I was instantly able to feel my skin surface as softer. I looked brighter. It looked cleaner.  I was pretty excited about this. Doing the peel is a pretty short commitment once a week, no more. 

As for the practice- I would suggest doing this right before a shower. I always felt nervous when I did the peel and washed off in the sink. I wanted to make sure I didn't leave any in my hair or whatever.. I am sure that is just paranoia. I am sure if you leave acid on your face too long you will know!

I did have a blemish or two during this trial, so I avoided those areas for the most part- open wounds and acid don't mix! 

Overall- I was very pleased with the results of the The Skin Regime: Great Skin Peel and Book. I think that it definitely improved my skin texture and look and I am sold on the product for the future!

Thanks so much for letting me try this out on my old lady skin;)

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