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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Plastic Periodic Table Review

Plastic Periodic Table Review

We love science around this household. I work in a field where science is used daily to solve problems, and chemistry is key. I was pleased to get approved to review this Plastic Periodic Table.

What is awesome about this product?

ok- what else?
Durable 15 mil plastic plus laminated- total- 35 mil thickness
Color coded by families
Includes a "key" to learn components
Rounded edges
17.5 x 11.5 inches (L x H)

Who needs one of these?

also for:

    • Classrooms 
    • Homeschool Curriculums 
    • Teacher's Reference 
    • College Dorm Rooms 

What is my experience with the Plastic Periodic Table?

I love it! I was thinking it was just a laminated piece of paper but it is much more durable than that. I know my daughter won't be using it any time in the immediate future (she can't read yet) but we talk about trees and oxygen and breathing, so we aren't too far off. 

She is so interested in knowing how things work and she absorbs and remembers everything I tell her. It will not shock me to have a little chemist or engineer on my hands. She is going to love this.

The material is sturdy enough for her to handle now.. I was almost thinking it would make a cool placemat for her. Nothing like starting early.

Thanks so much for letting us review this!