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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NASA Logo Iron on Patch Review

NASA Logo Iron on Patch Review

We went to a space museum here in town a few weeks ago. One of the coolest things in the gift shop was the selection of patches.. but what if there is no museum near you?

Then you need to hop on Amazon and pick up your own NASA Logo Iron on Patch.

What is awesome about this patch?

Well, it has a space theme, and that is awesome all on its own. You can take a patch like this and put it on a jumpsuit or jacket, and your kid is now part of the space program!

My toddler ripped open this plastic and went nuts for the patch. She has not let me near it since these pictures were taken.. luckily I have learned to photo first!

The NASA Logo Iron on Patch is a nice size- not too big or small, perfect for the chest or sleeve. It is iron on of course, so that is quite a convenience compared to the patches I have gotten for her from other places.

The embroidery looks very secure and sturdy (I do machine embroidery, and I know bad stitching.. this is not it!) It should hold up to years of toddler abuse!!

We have not yet decided what to do with ours. I kind of want to get her a little bit older before I iron it on something. She may be an astronaut for Halloween this year if her love of space holds out until then. It sure would be cute!

Overall, we are very happy with the quality of the NASA Logo Iron on Patch. I am very glad to have had the chance to review it! Thanks!