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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mosquito Repellent Net Hat Review

Mosquito Repellent Net Hat Review

We have a neighbor with a mosquito farm in their green pool. Every time it rains we have a mosquito-tastrophe! 

I was very pleased to get approved to try this Mosquito Repellent Net Hat!

Why use this hat?

  • hiking
  • traveling
  • fishing
  • hunting

What are some features of the Mosquito Repellent Net Hat?

  • measures approximately 12.5" in diameter 
  • fine mesh net
  • elasticized neck 
  • easy on and off
  • camo fabric

What was my experience with the Mosquito Repellent Net Hat?

Most people would not be picking this up to hang out in their back yard, but since we have had a lot of rain this year, and I haven't had a chance to talk to the health department yet, we are getting inundated with bugs. Going to the back yard is like offering your flesh to the mosquito family.

We use repellent if we are going to do yard work and such but there are 2 things that happens- my face breaks out from the oily stuff, or it sweats off and burns my eyes and face. It is good repellent, but not made for faces. (or at least not my face.)

With this Mosquito Repellent Net Hat I can go out in the yard covered in repellent, but not have to worry about my face so much. this is lightweight, offers some shade with the brim and it is pretty comfy. 

The elastic on the neck is not super soft, but I will gladly deal with that to keep bugs off of me!  None of the mesh was touching my face, and it was easy to see through.

I think if you have a large head, this is not going to fit you- I think mine is pretty average, and it is snug- so it may be worthwhile to measure. I am not sure if it stretches with time...

There is a chin strap, but I felt the hat stayed on well enough without it. I was doing odds and ends outside and it stayed on pretty well.

I have not had a reason to wash it yet, but the material all seems to be such that it will hold up to a sink washing. I would not put it in the washing machine. I am sure it would damage the mesh. 

All I need now is a suit of mesh and I will be golden!

Overall- I am very pleased with this hat, and I am VERY happy to have it. Thanks so much for letting me try the Mosquito Repellent Net Hat.