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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Montage Photo Book Review

Montage Photo Book Review

I was very excited to get the chance to review a Montage Photo Book .

They gave my account a credit, and I was set loose to create a masterpiece with all of our family photos.

I initially uploaded about 80 photos for my book. I wasn't sure how their system would work, but it took them and put them in chronological order. That really made the most sense for my pictures. I did not have to sit there and try to fuss them into order myself.

The editor really created perfect groupings on its own. I had 4-5 photos taken on the same day in a few cases, and it put them on the same page or 2 together, and they looked pretty darn good.

I was able to select a background theme from a ton of choices. There are simple white or black backgrounds and then there are fancier ones like chevron or art deco.. I chose a nature looking theme. I AM a treehugger after all!

The editor also selected a few photos for the cover. I was happy with what it came up with, so I really left them as they were.. just moved them around a bit.

As for the rest of the pages, I re-arranged a few pages myself, but only after I realized I had gone way over the credit I was given.. lol. I cut a few pages out, and then rearranged a few pages to get some images back in.

I ended up with about 6 less pictures than I started with, and that was really ok for the book. I didn't see some of the pics were blurry until I reviewed the editor book.

I love the way you can flip through the pages of your book before it gets made. It gives you a real sense of what you are creating.

Shipping was said to be 6 days from the day I ordered the book.

My book arrived within the time allotted. I was TOTALLY bowled over with this book! 

I have had several photo books over the years, and from different companies. I do love them all- they have precious memories of my family. But NONE of the books I have made were as nice as the one from Montage.  I am not just saying that because I got it for review. I have had others.. this was no match!

The book was in a box that protected it well. Inside of that was a plastic sealed inner box, that is perfect for gift giving and storage. 

The cover looks like a soft leather. The photos embedded in the cover, but a different material. They have a different feel to them that is very satisfying. 

The pages are not paper - they are like a thick photo mat paper.. if that makes sense. It is heavier than average card stock. It is incredibly sturdy- and that is good with a toddler who lives pictures.

All the images looked fantastic. The art work that I chose looked fantastic. The whole thing was just FANTASTIC.

As I was flipping through it for the fifth time, I noticed that the inside covers were light collage images from our book! It was a custom inner cover. I have never seen anything like that before and it was really neat.

Overall I am AMAZED by my Montage Photo Book. I will be very pleased to shop with them again in the future, as these books make unforgettable books. 

Thank you so much for letting us try this!

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