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Monday, June 1, 2015

MoiChef Silicone Wine Glasses and Collapsible Wine Bottle Review

MoiChef Silicone Wine Glasses and Collapsible Wine Bottle Review

We love going places and being able to enjoy "adult beverages" even if it is just in the back yard. We don't always want to lug a wine bottle and real glasses and a wine opener.. it just gets to be a lot when you are bringing everything else.

We were super excited to get approved to review the MoiChef Silicone Wine Glasses and Collapsible Wine Bottle.

Why would you want a MoiChef Silicone Wine Glasses and Collapsible Wine Bottle set?

Because you are a party animal of course.. ok.. maybe you just like wine too...


Maybe you just need something that doesn't break at the pool. 
Maybe you like to float down a lazy river and don't want to pop your floaty with glass if things get wacky.
Who knows!

This set will fit all your needs. 

The cups are: 

  • hypoallergenic food-grade and BPA-free silicone
  • shatterproof
  • capable of withstanding hot and cold temperatures
  • collapsible
  • foldable
  • freezable 
  • microwavable
  • nestled in a neat pouch


As for the collapsible wine bottle:

  • holds a full-sized 750 ml bottle of wine 
  • reusable
  • bendy
  • protects the wine
  • lightweight
  • easily folded when emptied
  • requires no corkscrews!

What was my experience with the MoiChef Silicone Wine Glasses and Collapsible Wine Bottle ?

First off, my friends are already trying to take them from me. I guess my friends like a party too;) Better watch your cups folks! lol

I started off with washing everything in the dishwasher as instructed, top shelf. There is always a bit of a plastic smell with packaging these days, and the dishwasher helps that.

I watched the handy video from the company:

Following instructions is pretty easy before the wine flows.. after.. well.. not so much, but you know..

I found the bottle pretty easy to use. I really liked the little ring on the side of the bottle. You can attach it with a carabiner to something if you wanted.. Heck, you might use it to dangle the bottle over your mouth and pour the wine in.. NO you wouldn't do that.. you have awesome glasses to use!!

The silicone glasses are all the rage these days. They are not breakable, so they are so perfect for your drinking escapades...or even for juice for a toddler who likes to drip stuff on your hard floor.. 

I am a huge fan of this set- and since I have so many friends interested in it, I can see myself buying this for a wedding or housewarming or bottle opening.. lol. SO many reasons to celebrate with friends, but no reasons to break glass at their houses!

Thanks so much for letting us try out the MoiChef Silicone Wine Glasses and Collapsible Wine Bottle.