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Monday, June 8, 2015

Lovit Scientific Silicone Wine Glasses Review

Lovit Scientific Silicone Wine Glasses Review

Have you tried a set of Lovit Scientific Silicone Wine Glasses yet? 

This type of wine glass is so very popular right now. I am seeing them all over! 

What is awesome about the Lovit Scientific Silicone Wine Glasses?

  • shatterproof
  • cute design
  • non toxic
  • non reactive
  • durable
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe
  • food grade silicone
  • temps from -40F-482F
  • lifetime warranty

What was my experience with  Lovit Scientific Silicone Wine Glasses?

We like to have drinks in our little blow up pool, but it is not ok to bring glass into one of those! 

In addition to the safety hazard of broken glass, you have the risk of destroying your pool- and the water will all spill out!

We are able to now take an adult beverage or whatever we like, into the pool and not fear (don't worry, one is always sober- drowning is not acceptable!)

The  Lovit Scientific Silicone Wine Glasses are squishy and bendy and are easy to use wherever we end up. We love that they are dishwasher safe, our regular wine glasses are certainly not. 

I find that most silicone products like this have a sort of smell when they arrive, but a dishwasher run seems to wipe that out.. not sure if it is the packaging or processing, but my nose is pretty sensitive, so I want it gone!

Silicone is such a popular material for kitchen ware. 

It is lightweight, withstands high heat and is durable. I follow a couple full time RV folks and this is the kind of stuff they love- it doesn't break when they go over bumps in the road, doesn't rattle and keeps the kitchen quiet! 

And weight? Well they are light as a feather compared to glass, and an RV driver wants the lightest load it can get- saves fuel!

Overall, we are very happy with the  Lovit Scientific Silicone Wine Glasses. Thanks so much for letting us review them!

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