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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

La Lune Lemon Oil Review

La Lune Lemon Oil Review

We love essential oils in our house, and there is not one that we use faster than lemon oil. I was very pleased to review the La Lune Lemon Oil.

What do you use lemon oil for?

  • air freshener or diffuser to remove unpleasant odors
  • mood lifter when diffused in the air
  • skin care and seasonal allergy recipes
  • improve complexion while leaving skin soft and supple

 I have another use- more about that...

What was my experience with  La Lune Lemon Oil?

Well, I love the lemon oil, and I have used several brands over the years. We just go through it. The  La Lune Lemon Oil is a fresh and bright scent. I love the fact that it comes with a dropper. It makes it a lot easier to use the oil! 

If you have ever gotten essential oils on you undiluted before, or worse, in your eyes- you know you don't want to touch this in an unintended fashion!


What did I use it for this week?

Of course the first test is a few drops on a cotton ball in the bathroom. It brightens the room with a fresh citrus scent. No disappointment there!

The really important task this week was to deter some black widows. They seem to be making webs all over my yard. I knew I had them, but the diatamaeceous earth we usually use is not doing the trick. Fine.. I am killing their food sources. 

NOW the little buggers have made webs in my doorways!! HORRORS!

I do not want to have them dangling over me when I get the mail and let the dog out. So I know that they don't like lemon oil. I would usually suggest spraying lemon oil and water juice all over the area, but I have marble tile and can't risk etching the finish. 

So this time I decided to mix some water and La Lune Lemon Oil in a small bowl. I took a cloth and wetted it. Then I proceeded to swab down the doorways with the mixture. 

Man, the house smelled awesome. I got a very clean doorway, webs gone.. and so far they have not reappeard. I am hoping to branch out a little more on this to try to get these guys to go spin somewhere else!

Overall- I am completely pleased with this product. I suspect we will be going through quite a bit of it in order to get rid of these bugs.

Thanks so much for letting us review La Lune Lemon Oil.