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Sunday, June 21, 2015

IPEMA Summertime Play Is Family Time

IPEMA Summertime Play Is Family Time

This post is sponsored by the Voice of Play

June 21st and that means the first official day of summer. We love to celebrate sunny days with family, and the place the toddler loves most is our local park.

They have a fantastic play area. It is not huge, but it is the perfect size for our community. There is a playset for the "big kids" and a special one for the littles. 

My daughter has conquered the little set, but she still likes to climb it each time we visit. The real attraction for her now is the big swirly slide at the big kids playset. She won't climb up alone, and that is ok. One parent goes up top, one on the bottom, and the toddler is wildly squealing as she goes down the big kids slide.

This particular trip to the park, we visited with Grampa. He showed the little monkey how to use the big kid swings for the first time. I wasn't sure she was ready, but Grampas have a way of making it all good and soon enough she was pushing her legs and swinging without help.. I am not ready for that!

Going to the park is such an easy thing to do. There is no cost, no scheduling and it is always open. The Phoenix parks are well taken care of so we are always pleased to be there. 

We are staying at home at the moment, so the other bonus is that my toddler gets to see other kids and interact with them. She is much more interested in them than me these days... she sees me all the time! 

The last time we were there she played for hours under the shade of the big slides with another toddler. They played with sand and giggled and had a great time. It was wonderful!

The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) and the Voice of Play are promoting fun summertime play at the parks. Their role is to show us all how awesome free parks and outdoor play really are. There are a million studies out there that show that play is the way kids learn- socially, emotionally and cognitively.. not to mention the physical benefits.

I know at home there is such a temptation to reach for the digital devices the entertain the littles. I am guilty, especially when I have a project deadline. But we need out! We need exercise for our bodies and minds, and the park is the best place for us. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get out and enjoy the summer air and play in a park.. you might even see me on a swing! You are never to old to enjoy that!