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Friday, June 12, 2015

Home It Broom Organizer Review

Broom Organizer Review

I was very happy to get approved to review the Home It Broom Organizer. I have a few similar types of tools but they are really complicated to get the brooms out of the prongs so they mostly remain unused.

What is awesome about the Home It Broom Organizer?

  • Holds Mops, Brooms, or Sports Equipment
  • Great for closets, the garage, basement, 
  • Easy release 
  • Compact size
  • Wall mount 
  • Rolling balls  adjust to each handle's thickness and grips it securely
  • Each ball holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of weight


What was my experience with the Home It Broom Organizer?

Well, I will admit that man of the house sat on his honey do list with this on it. But in his defense, he took apart our dryer twice and repaired it instead, so I cannot complain. Saved us the cost of a new dryer!
When he did get his hands on his free time, he had this puppy up in minutes. Of course I could have done it, but I am notorious for hanging everything crooked. I wanted it done right- and for him that involves pencil marks, a laser level and some serious lining up of things. 
Does that need to be the case? No. The Home It Broom Organizer is very easy to install.

He was even nice enough to hang up the broom and mop for me.

What I really love, is the ability to either hang something in the handle holders, or to use the hooks for hanging whatever strikes your fancy. For us, it was a bag of lightbulbs and a pouch of soap nuts. Lol.

There is plenty of space for a few more tools. I will need to get out in the garage and find them under the piles of rubble.. HA!

The Home It Broom Organizer is great for cleaning supplies and organization. I thought it would be a great place to hang hockey sticks, or tennis rackets and bags of balls and pucks. Of course in our house, we have WAY more hockey sticks than this would hold, but most normal people are not hockey stick hoarders.. 

It could also be a great place to hang purses and key chains when coming in from the garage. I always toss that stuff on the ground, and certainly this is a better idea. Plus it can be kept high enough that a toddler couldn't get to it. 

Overall, we are very pleased with the Home It Broom Organizer. Thanks so much for letting us review it!