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Thursday, June 25, 2015

GooGah Baby Car Mirror Review

GooGah Baby Car Mirror Review

We have a toddler, and we still have her rear facing in the back seat. We used to have a mirror to see her, but she broke the thing, and we really needed a new one. I was very happy to get approved for the GooGah Baby Car Mirror.

This mirror came in the mail in great shape. It was packed with a few layers to keep the mirror scratch free!

The back works with velcro. It is a big strip, so it is a challenge for baby to get at it.. I mean, really, if you have a BABY they can't get to it with their hands.. but man, my long legged toddler sure can kick a mirror!

You can use these connectors to keep the mirror firmly attached to the car. You don't want it to go flying, and you certainly don't want a toddler to kick it off.. yea.. like mine.

I was pleased that this stayed on well, and it provided a nice wide and long view of my little lady. She likes to try to hide from me, but it is pretty much impossible once she is latched in and the mirror is in place.

I really had a lot of anxiety when my daughter was small.. she would fall asleep in the car, and I was always nervous that that quiet meant something had happened.. luckily it never did, but I was always glad to be able to see her. A mirror like this gives you peace of mind so you can focus on the road!

The view on the GooGah Baby Car Mirror is clear and it fits all my needs.

Thanks so much for letting us review this mirror. I think she will be rear facing for at least another year or so, so it is nice to know we can keep an eye on her.. toddlers do all kinds of naughty things!!!