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Friday, June 5, 2015

FriskyOnline Men's Sandals Review

FriskyOnline Men's Sandals Review

If you have been following along, the man of the house is kind of hard on his stuff. He destroys headphones and chargers..and now we can talk about shoes. He loves to mess up a pair of shoes. So I am always happy to get approved to review a pair of sandals.. especially if they match his style like the ones from Frisky Online.

We were offered a choice of several styles, but like me, he doesn't like stuff between his toes.. so he picked these:

Here are a few details about these sandals:

  • Frayed Canvas Upper
  • Super Soft EVA Footbed
  • Dual Velcro Closure
  • They are usually 12.99 but are currently on sale for 6.99

Frisky Online really wants to share their super prices and service with the world. They got a pretty good work out from our house!

We decided to try the FriskyOnline Men's Sandals at the Phoenix Art Museum. If you haven't been there, it is pretty fantastic. We got free tickets from the Library Culture Pass program, and it was really awesome.

Our toddler is pretty well behaved for most venues like this, so if we go early and get her when she is fresh, we do well.

Long story short- the man of the house gave these sandals quite a work out. He even caged a dinosaur in them.. ok.. not really...

We walked and followed a crazy toddler around the museum, up stairs, down ramps and through the parking lot and grass for about 3 hours. We really covered almost the entire place in that time.. spending more time here or there if the toddler was more interested in something. It is fun to experience art with a child.

The man of the house did get to sit a few times, as there are places to admire art from your bottom, but he got a great sense of what these shoes were made of.

He seemed really happy with the fit, and the comfort. He has big feet-the biggest size they had actually, and I think they are a little on the wide side, but not crazy wide. Sandals are usually pretty forgiving, and these were.

He has basically stashed his slides and grabs the FriskyOnline Men's Sandals when we go out and about, so I get the feeling he is calling these shoes his faves.

Overall- very pleased with these shoes, and if I need another pair for him, we will definitely pick another pair up. I am also checking out the site for myself and the toddler! They have a great selection.

Thanks so much for letting us review FriskyOnline Men's Sandals.