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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cornucopia Brands 24 Pack Essential Oil Bottles Review

Cornucopia Brands 24 Pack Essential Oil Bottles Review

If you are interested in essential oils, you probably spend your time playing with them and making different "recipes."

I know I do.

I often scavenge my old bottles and containers for my fancy mixes, but it is kind of a waste when you are experimenting.

I was happy to get approved for the Cornucopia Brands 24 Pack Essential Oil Bottles

This package includes the lid, the dropper and an amber 2 ml glass bottle

When I received these, I was ecstatic. They were so well packed. They came in a strong box, inside the Amazon box of course, and then they were packed in bubble wrap.

The bottles are small sized, but they hold enough for a sniffer, a sample of the item you made, or as I said, to try new recipes.
I also will use them for portable refills to the inhalers I got from Cornucopia Brands a few days ago.

The set is all high quality and professional looking. You could use these to sell your concoctions and the buyers would be very pleased. Amber protects the oils from the sun and that keeps them fresher longer.

The screw top keeps everything inside and keeps leaks from happening. Who wants to spill their precious recipes all over something. You can keep these in the cupboard and they will be safe!

Overall, I was very pleased with the Cornucopia Brands 24 Pack Essential Oil Bottles. They will be used quite a bit in my house! I am going to be mixing up all kinds of new flavors:)

Thanks so much for letting me review them.