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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Compose Yourself by Think Fun Review

Compose Yourself by Think Fun Review

We love music in our family. We have family music nights where we play our own instruments, and we are always singing and dancing about like crazy people. We love sharing that joy with our toddler!

We were super excited to get approved to review Compose Yourself Music Card Game by Think Fun.

We have reviewed quite a few of their games in the past and we have loved them all. Most of what we have tried is marked as something above our daughter's age, but she loves to play with the components of their games. The colors are appealing and the pieces are satisfying for her to do open play with.

She also will sit and watch the adults play. I guess we have been doing the review thing for so long, she just gets the process and uses it to learn, knowing she will get her crack at it too...lol

So the Compose Yourself Music Card Game is a set of cards and a nice mesh bag to hold the cards. It is pretty amazing what happens with the cards though.

You start lining up the cards, and the musical piece is forming. At first you kind of do it this willy nilly- or at least we did. We had the toddler pick cards with the man of the house, and I entered them into the online program from Think Fun.

I was set up in a minute or so, just in the amount of time it took them to make a mess with the cards.

Each card is numbered on the front and back, and they will play a set of notes. They are opposites, so it is an interesting idea to flip the cards back and forth to hear the differences. We just went nutty at first though.

We played our song, and saved the file- then we realized we could do even more.. so we kept at it. Each addition to the piece was more and more interesting as we tried to make things faster or slower or end high or low. Of course at this point the 3 year old was playing 52 pickup, but every time the music was played she froze and it had her complete attention.

We liked switching between the orchestra and marimba sounds. It was neat seeing how different it was!

We LOVED it. I think we need to sit down and play again very soon. The pieces of the game are sturdy and interesting, and they really held toddler's attention. We were able to do our own parts for the game and it was a hoot.

I know as she grows older she will appreciate the nuances a lot more, but the idea for us is family fun with music and we certainly achieved that!

Thanks so much to Think Fun for letting us review Compose Yourself Music Card Game. We loved it!!

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