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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bluetooth Talk n' Walk Headphones Review

Bluetooth Talk n' Walk Headphones Review

We love to try new headphones in our house. the man of the house breaks and loses his on a regular basis and it costs us a lot!

I was happy to get approved to try the  Bluetooth Talk n' Walk Headphones.

Why choose Bluetooth Talk n' Walk Headphones?

  • for music
  • for calls

Compatible with:

 Iphone 4, 4S; 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, Ipad 1, 2, 3, Air, Retina, Mini, mini 2; Samsung-Galaxy S3, S4, S5; PCs-Windows, Macbook Air, Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro, Nexus,Dell Venue 7 & 8, Samsung Tab S, Lenovo Yoga, ASUS T200, Nvidia Shield, Lenovo ThinkPad 10, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC Flyer and Evo view, Motorola Xoom, LG G Pad, Nokia Lumia, NEC, 
Or any bluetooth phone, tablet, or computer

What was our experience with Bluetooth Talk n' Walk Headphones?

We started our trial with the opening and charging of the product. They seemed to have a decent charge out of the box, but I put them on to charge for a few minutes anyway to test how it worked.

The charging location is kind of awkward if you want to wear these and charge at the same time but I am not sure that is a really big deal for me. 

The headphones are soft and comfy, and pretty adjustable. I was able to wear them easily and the toddler was too- she was dancing around and was able to keep them on, so I think they are pretty flexible.

The design is nice because there is nothing to tangle up in my hair and annoy me.. I hate that!

This is the kind of picture I can get with a 3 year old wearing these headphones. She runs.. she jumps.. they have not fallen off yet. It is like a revolution for us. I can now play her fave songs and I can control the content and volume from my phone, and she just dances away. I was going o give this to her dad, but now I see they are for her.. lol.

So, at first I put these on to get the volume right and to hear the quality. I played a song, but it had started before I put these on. I noticed that every time a song was over she took them off immediately. Didn't think much of it, but it turns out that there is a buzzing sound when listening to youtube videos. You can't hear it until the music stops, and it is kind of annoying. 

I tried to listen to my voice mail just to see how that sounded, and there was a kind of buzzing in the background from that as well. Not sure if this is a bad connection of something up with my phone, but I don't have another bluetooth device to check on.. I don't have the issue with other speakers..

So, in the end, I cannot give them a great review- but they are ok for what we will use them for- which is toddler dancing. I will make play lists for her and she won't be upset between songs.. 

Thanks so much for giving us the chance to review these. We will definitely have a quieter house now!