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Friday, June 12, 2015

August EP636 - Bluetooth Headphones Review

August EP636 - Bluetooth Headphones Review

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We are such lovers of headphones our house. We loved getting approved to review the August EP636 - Bluetooth Headphones.

What is special about the August EP636 - Bluetooth Headphones?

  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Internal Li Ion Battery
  • Answer calls
  • Control your music
  • Works with a variety of devices

What was my experience with the August EP636 - Bluetooth Headphones?

First off, I love the look of these headphones. This garnet color is my favorite color, so it was nice to have that need met! They are sleek looking - nothing protruding or poking out anywhere. It just looks like a very modern headset to me.

The charging port is in a location that lets you charge and wear them at the same time if you need to. Not the biggest deal, but it can be handy if you are listening to something and the battery dies. The package said they will last 12.5 hours. I have not been able to listen that long, but with a lithium battery I can't see why that wouldn't be true.

I was kind of surprised when I first took them out, they were not charged. I certainly would not expect that but in other headphones, they were at least a little charged. Nothing to make me not buy them of course. I had them up and charging in seconds.

The headphones are adjustable and I did need to fuss with them a bit to get them comfortable. Because of the design, the headphone pads are right against your ears. 

The ear pads are not cups- they are flat. They look really great. Even though they are very soft and pliable, it was kind of uncomfortable with earrings on. (I have 2 piercings at the bottom, so that may be higher up than if you just have one regular hole there.) 

I did feel that they ran a bit narrow. You can make them longer to reach higher or lower on your head, but they are a bit tight on me. My head is of an average size, so if your head is larger you will not feel satisfied with the fit.

As for sound, I thought the bass was good. It was deep and full. However, the tops seem a bit muted to me. I played a few different tunes just to verify this, and it was the case no matter what I listened to. I did not have any kind of buzz or extra sounds though. The music was very clear, more so than many headphones I had heard.

I think these would be fantastic for audio books for sure. You will not miss a word on these.

Overall, I am pleased with the August EP636 - Bluetooth Headphones

Thanks so much for letting me review them.