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Thursday, June 25, 2015

All Natural Organic Pest Repeller By Eco Defense Review

 All Natural Organic Pest Repeller By Eco Defense 

I am a huge fan of all things organic. But I am also really intolerant of bugs and pests invading my living space. Living in Arizona we have some pretty nasty critters!

I was pleased to get approved to review the  All Natural Organic Pest Repeller By Eco Defense.

What is special about it?  

  • All natural
  • Repels Deer, Squirrels, Rats, Rabbits, Moles, Gophers, & Other Pests Naturally
  • Does not leave a smell or residue
  • Use anywhere

What was my experience with All Natural Organic Pest Repeller By Eco Defense?

Well, when I signed up for this review, I had it in my brain that this was for bugs. As I see now, it is for more of the furry and feathered pests.

We have ants. Fire ants and black ants and I can tell you that nothing short of blowing up my yard seems to get rid of them. I think I live on an ant hill.

We have bunnies in our yard, but to tell the truth, I kind of like them there. They keep the weeds trimmed down, and they provide a nice distraction for my dog. She likes to chase them.. which is kind of amusing. She has been close enough to do more, but never has. We don't have much that we don't want munched so they are not an issue.

We do have rattlesnakes and field mice or prairie dog looking critters in the front. They have been an issue in the garage in the past, so I went ahead and sprayed around that part of the yard.  (the snakes have been in the house actually- the babies, but that is another story.)

I can say we have not had anything in the garage since this trial. I am not sure it is a 100% good trial though. I will say that the reviews say this has castor oil as a component, and that is a known pest repellent.

I see it used especially for moles. Now, I am pretty sure we don't have moles here so I can't comment on that at all. But the online consensus is that it works for that.

Overall, I am pleased with the scent and the usability of this product. As for effectiveness for the other animals, I cannot say. I love that it is organic and folks are trying to get away from toxic materials, so I am going to give it a thumbs up for that!

Thanks so much!