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Sunday, June 14, 2015

20 Piece Bead Set From Cornucopia Beads Review

20 Piece Bead Set From Cornucopia Beads Review

I was very excited to get approved to review the 20 Piece Bead Set From Cornucopia Beads. I have a bunch of jewelry making supplies but I haven't made anything in awhile so this was going to be fun!

First off, what can you expect in this pack?

I got 20 high quality beads. There were several glass beads- they were painted with flowers, lined with glitter and the openings were dipped in sterling silver. (they are marked 925)

I was able to make a bracelet pretty quickly with the supplies I had on hand.

These beads are the style of Pandora or Troll beads, but at a fraction of the price. If you have those systems, these are compatible. I was not familiar with these before this review, so I set off to research them. 

Compatible with:  Pandora, Biagi, Chamillia, Zable, Kay Charmed Memories and Troll Chains

Beads of this style are heavy duty.. not the wimpy little plastic beads that you find in stores. They also have the larger hole, to accommodate the changeable jewelry. They are real glass, and heavy metal. 
I want all of these!!!

I am now a huge fan. I love that you can create these designs and capture the look for so much less money. 

The beauty of these beads is that you can switch out the beads on your bracelets and necklaces. The bracelet I made is not changeable, but I won't love it any less!

Examples of what kind of beads you might get.

I like the selection of colors that I received. If I had the changeable jewelry pieces, I would definitely want to pick up several sets of these beads, to give me even more variety!

Overall, I am a huge fan of the 20 Piece Bead Set From Cornucopia Beads, I am going to make quite a few more pieces. My creativity is definitely fired up now!!

Thanks so much for letting me review these.

Check out my video review below.