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Saturday, June 13, 2015

12x LED LED Party Lights Non-Blinking Light Review

12x LED LED Party Lights Non-Blinking Light Review

When I got approved to review the 12x LED LED Party Lights Non-Blinking Light set I was not exactly sure what I was getting.

I knew they looked cool. We love party lights, especially battery powered types, but these are much cooler than I thought!

This is a set of 12 little lights. You can do tons with them.

They are approximately 3.5x1.1cm(LxD), 3g~5g
They are powered by 3pcs L736C button cell batteries, (battery included and replaceable)

Here are the instructions for operation:
1.Usage method: Tightening thread, it will bright; Loosening thread, it will turn off.
2.Its function includes always bright. Always bright is brightening all the time which can last 1~2 hours.

How can these be used?

  • in paper lanterns
  • as decorations in objects and behind things to make life fun!
We thought they would be really neat to leave around or hang from places during a party. We do a big Halloween party scene each year and there are 1000 places we can stash these to make a festive atmosphere.

They were easy to get set up. Just take out the paper inside to get it going and then if you want to save batteries for later, put the paper back in again. The bright setting does last but not more than 2 hours in our experience. That is enough for a party though!

Overall, these are some pretty festive lights. Thanks so much for letting us review the 12x LED LED Party Lights Non-Blinking Light .