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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

100% Hammered Pure Copper Mug Review

100% Hammered Pure Copper Mug Review

I was super excited to get approved to review this 100% Hammered Pure Copper Mug. The Pure Copper Brand had me review their non hammered cup a little while back, and I loved it.  This one is no different!

First off, what makes the Pure Copper Brand cups superior to others?

  • Solid copper- no nickel, no tin and no steel
  • Hammered copper- looks SO cool
  • Frosty mugs!
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Bonus recipes

What was my experience with the 100% Hammered Pure Copper Mug?

Mmmm.. pure deliciousness again. I love just drinking water out of it, but I might be weird. Mango lassis are still my fave in a copper cup, and nothing can beat that for me ever since I had one up North in Arizona.. they just taste better.

I researched the copper cup phenomena and there really is something to the copper making things taste better. There is a reaction and it makes a taste change. I am a foodie sometimes and I can appreciate that. 

Mostly I love the metal. It makes the drinks seem colder and more refreshing.. and hey- it is 111 outside as I type, I take my cook where I can get it. The handle is welded on and it is a quality attachment. That thing is staying on no matter how many margaritas I drink from it.

I love the construction on this cup as well. A hammered look just feels classy to me. It is a fun cup and I am keeping it close.. even the toddler wants to take it from me!

Overall, the 100% Hammered Pure Copper Mug is a fine drinking vessel. I was so excited to receive it. Thanks so much for letting me review it!