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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll Review and Free Parent Magazine Offer

Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I really love everything at Zubels. My daughter is still playing with her little TRex from a prior review.

We were super excited to get a chance to review the Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll. I have to say though, this one ended up in a box to my sister.. she just had a baby, and I thought she would like the rattle a lot.

The problem I had-- the toddler saw this and thought it was for her.. oh the crying.. but we worked it out. She loved this little guy. My niece will too!

Right now- if you purchase anything at the Zubel site, you will get a free one year subscription to Parent magazine- runs through May 31st. 

That is a pretty sweet deal.

Looking at this little guy, you can see why the toddler went insane. These little knit critters are pretty cute. I really want to collect all of them, and so does she. 

Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Dolls are soft, well made, and the organic cotton yarn makes you feel that this is a much safer product for littles than the mystery fabrics you find on the store shelves these days.

What ARE those stuffed animals made of at the stores? blech.

Low impact dyes and non toxic components can make you feel like you are making a safer choice for your child.

I really love the details on this knit toy. There is a sweater that lifts up and you can tell each stitch was planned and made to fit together in this great little guy.

All this and a rattle too? I love it.

We are very pleased with the Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll. He is perfect for a gift (as this one became) or for your own child.

Thanks so much for letting us review him!