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Friday, May 22, 2015

Yumms! Burger Press, BBQ Light and Mat Review and Giveaway

Yumms! Burger Press, BBQ Light and Mat Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

If you are into BBQ like we are, you will want to check out these 3 products from Yumms! These folks must be into grilling, because they are thinking about the whole experience for you.

First up we have the Yumms! Burger Press.

We don't always get ground beef in big slabs because it is such a pain to make nice burgers. I myself hate touching raw meat, so something like this is ideal.

I live videotaped the man of the house with his first experience with this puppy, and it is kind of funny. We had great burgers that night!

The press is easy to use, easy to figure out and easy to clean. We were making burgers in minutes and grilling was ON.

Next up, we had our Yumms! BBQ light.

We do not have much lighting on our back porch, and the lighting we do have is behind the man of the house when he grills,so it casts a shadow on the grilling area when he is trying to do his man cooking. 

It is the subject of much unhappiness in our house.  Carrying a flashlight out every time is not a fun task. He has stuff to bring!

This light is really the answer. 

It attaches to the grill area in super easy fashion, and does not require an electrician to set up. Yes, I would love a super deluxe grilling island with pre run lights and water and yes.. you get the idea. This little light is inexpensive, bright and works great.

Finally, our BBQ o-rama us wrapped up with a Yumms! BBQ mat.

This is a heat proof mat that can be placed on the grill and used to get the grill experience without all the stuff falling through the cracks. I will admit, the man of the house did not use it on our burgers. Instead he placed some cod fillets on it. 

It is a super easy surface to clean, and he appreciates that the grill does not smell like cod for a week. (He is not a fish fan.) The mat cooked the fish evenly and perfectly, and was so simple to clean off. Much easier than scraping fish off our grates.

It has this really cook shiny mesh look to it. This stuff is sturdy yet really thin. You get 2 of these in a set- so you can cook more than one thing without getting the flavors mingled.

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