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Monday, May 4, 2015

WEDGiTS Imagination Set Review

WEDGiTS Imagination Set Review

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.

 When I say that I was excited to get approved to review this product, it was no lie.. I have had these on my baby product wish list for quite a long time, and just had not gotten around to purchasing them. So when they came in the mail, I was pretty anxious to tear into them

What is so awesome about the WEDGiTS 15-pc Starter Imagination Set?

  • age recommendation: 2 to 6 years ( but why do I like them so much?)
  • non choking pieces
  • easy play design with nesting and stacking
  • open play- no matter what you do it is cool
  • builds knowledge of the spatial world of angles, shapes, color patterning, matching and creative play
  • can be used with any other WEDGiTS sets

What did we think about the WEDGiTS 15-pc Starter Imagination Set?

We really loved playing with these blocks. At first I was a little confused, but the toddler showed me the way pretty quickly. She put the blocks this way and that, and we saw that it was pretty cool no matter what.

The package had lots of cool designs that we could duplicate with our set, and also the other sets that were available.. The end conclusion was that I would love to have a few more sets, so we can make the most elaborate shapes and creations.. but the 15 piece set really was enough to keep the toddler busy for quite a long time, every time she took them off the shelf.


I found that the blocks felt nice in my hands. They have a nice weight to them, and they are so smooth. The colors are nice and basic, so either gender can play with them ( I detest this pink and blue business that some companies do these days!)

We tried to see how high we could stack them, then we knocked them down, and that was just as much fun to the 3 year old.

Overall- we LOVED the WEDGiTS 15-pc Starter Imagination Set. I am taking this one off my wish list and adding another set!! 

Thanks for letting me try these out!

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Here is my video review where you can see some stacking in action!