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Thursday, May 28, 2015

WAVEstream Wireless Speaker Review

WAVEstream Wireless Speaker

We really love music in our house. From the toddler's obsession with ACDC to our need for soothing tunes to bring everyone to sleepy town, we need some good speakers that can play music on the fly.

I was very happy to get approved to review the WAVEstream Wireless Speaker.

What is special about the WAVEstream Wireless Speaker?

  • New Bluetooth 3.0 Technology 
  • Control buttons on the device works on Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Sound Cloud & more music apps! 
  • Two 40MM drivers deliver deep, rich clear sound 
  • Built-in Phone Conferencing Microphone for Taking Calls 
  • Line In input gives you a wired listening option (great for non Bluetooth device connectivity) 
  • Audible Low Battery alerts notification sound 

What was our experience with the WAVEstream Wireless Speaker?

Our first experience was with the man of the house baking for us in the kitchen... he set up the speaker with his iPhone and left the speaker in the living room while he baked.  I didn't even realize that he was controlling it from another room.. lol He was picking tunes about food and the toddler was in the living room dancing her butt off.. we had a great time.

The speaker has a farther range than some of the others I have reviewed, which is nice. The sound was really good- the bass especially.  I liked the controls on the top and they were pretty easy to work with.

I also liked the battery compartment on the bottom- maybe it isn't a big deal at your house, but if the toddler can open something, she does.. she will not be able to open this one! The charge lasts a long time and we have been really testing that!

One thing that is kind of funny- one night we left the speaker on in the living room.. the man of the house still had his phone synced to it.. apparently his phone battery died over night and the speaker was beeping at 3 am looking for his phone. It was kind of scary at first because I had no idea what it was.. luckily as I was tearing the house apart, I noticed the little blue light blinking and I was elated to find the source.. don't leave it on! lol. The battery still works though!

Overall, I am very pleased with the WAVEstream Wireless Speaker. Thanks so much for letting use review it.

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