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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Valley Food Storage: Enchilada Beans & Rice Review

Valley Food Storage: Enchilada Beans & Rice Review

I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.

I would not consider myself a prepper really, but after being without electricity in the 1994 earthquake in LA for 2 weeks, I definitely appreciate food that can be cooked easily, and does not rely on fussy storage. 

If you have an interest in prepping, then you should definitely check out the Valley Food Storage Enchilada Beans & Rice.

Why is that?

The package that I received:

  • includes 5 servings of Enchilada Beans & Rice
  • just needs heat and water to prepare
  • does NOT contain: Hydrogenated Oils, GMO, MSG or Trans Fats
  • is packed in high quality 5mm Mylar bags
  • is durable
  • is resealable
  • is reusable
  • has easy storage
  • has a 25 year shelf life
  • is Made in the USA
  • contains convenient ingredients
  • has deliciously bold flavors

What was my experience with Valley Food Storage Enchilada Beans & Rice?

I decided to cook up this rice and bean mix for lunch one day. It seemed like a nice balanced meal alone, or you could really add anything to it. Meat- cheese- whatever is on hand.

It was super easy to prepare, and the meal was hearty. (You really don't need to add anything to it- it is just an idea to stretch it in an emergency.)

Boiling water was the longest part, but I suspect if you let the beans soak in hot water they would probably still cook up to an acceptable emergency meal.

I was first greeted with a great aroma in the kitchen.  Wow. Even the toddler asked what it was.

There are so many flavors in this bag! 

The taste was good. I found a few bites were a bit saltier than others- I think this was my mistake for not whisking the ingredients as suggested. Sometimes you have to follow the instructions.

I never found a bite without flavor though, so there was no issue with that!

I did let the toddler try it, but she was not interested in the spiciness (she sometimes will eat spicy food, she may just be fussy.. lol)

I found the texture more satisfying than the typical rice and beans meal also. It was definitely a step above other boxed foods that you see on the grocery store shelves. It also does not have the garbage in it that those boxed products offer.

Overall, I think this would be a fantastic meal for emergencies, camping etc. With such a long shelf life, you really have tons of options on how and when to use it.

Thanks so much for letting us try Valley Food Storage Enchilada Beans & Rice!