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Friday, May 15, 2015

Toddler Activities Week in Review 5-15-15

Phoenix Rain Phoenix Rain

So this week was a challenge.

I had some interviews by phone, and luckily the man of the house was able to miss some work to accommodate. I hate to ask that of course- I am HOME all day, every day. But we all know there is no way to concentrate on a toddler and an interview and be successful..lol

So the rest of the week we tried to do our best to keep a toddler entertained. Mainly though, I have had a hard time adjusting to being with her 24/7 and trying to work. I am elated when Daddah comes home and entertains her a bit.

Our work:

1- Library books.

Nine books were not enough. Now, I have at least 100 books for here in our house. Maybe more, but none are as interesting  as the ones from the library. She is entirely obsessed with Pete the Cat. I read those books to her over and over.. then she read them to me (her version) and then I read them some more. I decided we needed more than 9 books.

But she really took care with them, so I think more books are welcome.

2- More library books

In spite of some stomach issues she has had all week, we were able to go to the library last night and we got 23 books this time. I learned that Pete is very popular. Every book on my list was checked out. We will be putting books on hold for next week to avoid this.

3- Fun with beads

I have a nice collection of glass beads from back in the day. I had her playing with them, and placing them on the little components to make earrings. We didn't make earrings of course, but she played quietly with them for about a half hour.

She is at the age where I can finally trust her not to eat them. I still watched her though.

4- Fun with sand

We have wacky-tivities - Kinetic Sand - 2lb - Brown. I put down a blanket and gave her the sand, some sand toys, some trays and plastic animals. She played for almost 2 hours with this set up. I got a lot done that day. The sand is easier to clean up than real sand and she really kept it on the blanket so it wasn't so bad.

Fun with Kinetic sand Fun with Kinetic sand

5- Coloring

She always has a crayon break or two in her days. I keep the stuff available and she has not (knock on wood) colored anything inappropriately in a while.

6- Paper punches

She keeps my crafting punches out in a box and punches from time to time. Yes, the living room is full of little trees and snowmen. No, I don't care. I get to do laundry, potty, and wash dishes.. lol

7- Dress up and dance

She rocked out to Thunderstruck over 100x this week. Sometimes with a tiara, sometimes in a princess dress, and sometimes in a diaper. She ran and twirled and danced her way to exhaustion many times. Thank you ACDC.

Itzybellababy Itzybellababy[/caption]

8-Some videos

Since she had some tummy troubles, I tried to keep her mellow when the episodes occurred. We watched Pete the Cat- 8 or 9 times.. in a row. UGH. That cat. But hopefully that belly is mending.

Not my favorite activity Not my favorite activity[/caption]

9-Doing laundry

She got the washer loaded up with her Dad's clothes one day. What a big helper. I got it running, and later she helped put his clothes in the bedroom. Saved me some time.

10- Matching cards

She adores matching cards. I picked up several packs at the Dollar Store and she was elated. She even goes and gets a baggie for them when she is done. I like that.

11- The RAIN.

We never have heavy soft rain in May in Phoenix. I woke the toddler from her nap and we went out and splashed in the yard. It was pretty awesome.

So those were the highlights. I am happy naps were part of some days. She still needs one daily, but isn't always interested in taking them. Makes a momma nuts on those days!

Stay tuned. More toddler fun to come!