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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ThinkFun Rush Hour Shift Board Game Review

ThinkFun Rush Hour Shift Board Game Review

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.

We are always excited to get a package in the mail from Think Fun.

Their games are engaging and we love being able to introduce challenging logic games to our family!

As you know, we have a toddler at home, so Rush Hour Shift is a bit advanced for her at the moment, but luckily this game is rated up to 108, so we can still play it;)

What is Rush Hour Shift all about?

According to their website:

  • 2-Player Strategy Game
  • Escape before your opponent, that’s the goal! The best-selling sliding block logic game is now for two players. Every move counts in this race to cross traffic. As you draw cards, you’ll need a little luck and a clever strategy to win. Should you use your turn to advance your own Hero Car or block your opponent? The potential moves are endless, and the shifting Traffic Grid adds a whole new dimension to play. Just when you think you’ve cleared a path to the finish, a shift of the grid can change the game!
  • Ages:  8 to adult
  • Players:  2
  • Features: 
  • Traffic Grid
  • 12 Blocking Vehicles
  • 2 Hero Cars
  • 32 Cards
  • Instructions with 10 Game Set-Ups
  • Travel Bag

If you saw my review for the single player game Rush Hour, you know that this is a souped up version of that award winning game. 

Now you can play more advanced scenarios AND with a second player.

The pieces are still sturdy and visually interesting. I had to pry them from the toddlers fingers a few times to set up a board, but she gave them up willingly when she saw what we were up to.

You use these cards to set up easy to challenging scenarios. 

The red buses need to get out of traffic, and these cards are used to help.

Again- the game comes with a great mesh storage bag that makes it easy to take places, and also easy to store in the home. ( I hate the bulky cardboard boxes that games come in. They take up so much space!)

We are really loving Rush Hour Shift even more... we can play together, poke fun at each other for bad moves and have a great time as a family. 

Thanks so much to Think Fun for letting us try out this "super cool" game. ( Toddler quote)